Prairie Street Management Group Inc

Why use Prairie Street Management Company (PSMG)

PSMG has access to the Multiple Listing Service, online marketing, and knowledge of additional marketing techniques for the most expansive coverage to reach the most prospective clients.

PSMG will qualify prospective tenants through credit reports, background checks, and other means necessary to properly qualify the tenant.

PSMG is in compliance with all the latest privacy requirements when gathering information on prospective tenants.

Once client information is received, PSMG performs a careful analysis of the information to assist in finding a reliable tenant.

PSMG performs an analysis of the marketplace to determine the right lease amount per month. This is critical to maximize the potential of the property, while attracting a good selection of prospective tenants.

PSMG will assist you in determining the correct deposits on the unit, including a pet policy and any pet deposit(s) you may require.

Once you have a tenant, PSMG will complete a detailed condition report, including pictures, confirming the condition of the property at the beginning of the lease.

How rent is to be paid is an important consideration. Landlords today often prefer direct deposit, and PSMG has long-established banking procedures to insure accurate and on-time deposits.

PSMG prepares lease documents, property disclosures and other relevant forms to protect the landlord as much as possible.

PSMG meets all property and fair housing government requirements.

PSMG will assist you in determining the grace period for late payments, late fees and will enforce same.

PSMG follows up promptly on late payments and is in contact with the tenant(s) to insure your rent is received in a timely fashion.

Once it is determined that a tenant can no longer meet the obligations of the lease, PSMG begins the eviction process in a timely manner.

PSMG handles emergency service problems at the property swiftly and economically.

PSMG is available to the tenant in case of emergency 24/7.

PSMG has a comprehensive list of trusted and reliable service providers to handle all property maintenance issues.

Marv and Prairie Street Management Group are a great group of people, always very helpful and quick to get any problem resolved. I’m very thankful. We love our new home!

- Nicole Clabough